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If you were there then you already know last night was one of the most amazing parties of the year at Chinatown! The kids, the community, the dancers, our friends, our new friends, our old friends all came out and seriously took the party to the next level! I kicked things with a few of my favorite records that get love every time in Chinatown then broke in some new gems then Dj Puffs followed. KG Superstar actually showed up super early which helped kicked off the night at a 10!  A special thanks to George Yu and the entire Chinatown staff who always curate something special in one of LA’s most exciting parts of town!  We had a blast!

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It’s the last party of the year and end of Summer jump off! We celebrate the Moon Festival with our good folks in Chinatown!  Joining me will be Dj Puffs and hosting is none of other than KG Superstar! This is one of my favorite parties of the year complete under the LA neon sky.  The flyer pretty much says it all so come out and bring your cameras!  I took these shots during Summer Nights and these last year!  Hope to see you this Saturday LA!

Anthony Valadez (Start-8:15 pm)
Dj Puffs (8:15-12am)


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