Real time Adventures // VALA FM


Thanks to the folks at GOPRO for the cameras. I have been documenting my journey as a person who ends up in the most random places. This past week I was in New Mexico working on a new video for my new record in addition to playing out across LA. I wanted to capture some of that magic in a new series of Vlogs. Big up to Monday night KCRW favoriteĀ Sly5thAve for the music!


Last night was wild wild wild! Good times at First Fridays at The Natural History Museum. I was able to explore the museum once again after soundcheck and I began appreciate all the knowledge shared in the building. This is a very special place in Los Angeles. Big thanks to Wiseacre for rocking the decks with me with a cool four on the floor set that got the people moving. I was seriously moved to meet so many incredible listeners from my radio show and to be able to give hugs and high fives to all of them. Next month my brother from another mother Raul Campos rocks the turntables with me! Would love to see you there! Get your tix!


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