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New works from Daedelus, Actress, Goldlink, Tom Misch, Kendrick Lamar and the lush driving sounds of Ecuador’s Nicola Cruz who just dropped one of my favorite EP’s of the year. We also hear fresh newness from Karavan (Lefto and Free The Robots) + a hot new single by JMSN (the string section gives me the chills every time!) . ¬†Shout outs to Recordbreakin and NewLos for the new gems! These record labels stay hustling. ¬†New episode of LOOPED is up at the bottom of this page! Whoop! Catch you next Monday night!


Daedelus – Early Hours
Le Vasco – Soleil Noir
Beressi – Floral
Actress – XX22RME
Kelvin Sholar – Orange Yellow
Tom Misch – Day 1 (Ephemeral (Feat. Carmody)
Lord Echo – The Sweet Meditation (Feat. Mara TK)
Frank Ocean – Chanel
Nicola Cruz – Danza De Vision


Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Part 4
Godchild – Hesoclean
Steve Lacy – Moron
Goldlink – Kakmoe Freestyle
ASO – Reflections


Karavan – Love You
Karavan – Lebanon
Toro Y Moi – Cola
Rick Ross – Scientology
Chaz Bundick Meets The Matson 2 – A Search


Hank Crawford – Baby This Love I Have
Thor Rixon – Death Pt 1
A.Chal – Gazi
Jamiroquai – We Can Do It
Mike Gao – Ruthless Power (Feat. Duvv)
Bambooman – Kyrian


Xavier Omar – If This Love
Ukweli – Bejila (Feat. Ibeyi)
Joey Badass – Rockabye Baby (Feat. SchoolboyQ)
Dj Platurn – Coming’ Down (Feat. E Da Boss, Ammbush, Kicker Dixon and Ishtar)
Sleepy Eyes – Sleepstakes
The Elder Statesman – Montreal Sunrise (Feat. Lord Echo)
Wayne Snow – Cooler
Sinkane – U’huh


JSMN – Where Do U Go?
Mount Kimbie – We Go Home Together (Feat. James Blake)
James Blake – I Never Learned to Share
Arthur Verocai – No Boca Do Sol
Sampha – Kora Sings


Nick Hakim – Green Twins (Live)
Tagi and Steven Beatberg – N.T (Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
Grate Lakes – Look At You
Nicola Cruz – Bruxo
Yaeji – New York 93
Susso – Mamadou


Roane Namauh – Street Player (Roane Zone Remix)
Steve Watson – Born To Boogie
Attitude – Love Me tonight (Kaytranada Breakdance Lesson)
Recordbreakin Ensemble – Pleasure Pain Disgo
Sage Caswell – Take A day Call Back LAter
Daisuke Tanabe – TXSMN
Graves – Stay Tough (feat. JMSN and Elhae)


Gangs somehow popped up on my radar with the lush and dark track “This Time Around“. I did my research and found out these mysterious folks were in LA and on indie label “New Los Angeles“. I began playing a couple tracks off their EP and knew instantly I wanted to talk and get to know what inspires this sound.

We made home at The RedBull Studios in LA for a Sunday evening and chopped it up alongside Luis Blanco who helps run the label alongside the duo. And we get to hear material from Tom Ward (who is on New Los) as well as an exclusive listen to the bands new material!

Big thanks to Eric Stenman for engineering/production assistance, Red Bull Los Angeles for the studio space and Chase McCurdy for photography.


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