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It was great to meet the almighty Nikki Jean. She popped up on my radar with the support the Okay player community and then with her feature on Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool. As a music lover and observer, Nikki just appeared every where and since 2007 across the musical spectrum dipping in different genres in the true spirit of “an artist”. This one ran a little long but well worth the listen! Hope you dig! Also as a bonus Nikki throw in an exclusive/sneak peak to a new cut of an Ab Soul cover!

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Hey! New week and new list of thing’s I’m digging. Volume 3. Every morning I wake up and check out blogs and find interesting things that I love sharing.  So this is my wrap up. Ps! Did you listen to last night’s radio show? Did you peep the podcast with this week’s guests? Have a great evening!

New Disclosure production working with NYC’s Bishop Nehru! Nice to hear Disclosure work in a slower bpm format on this. Looking forward to hearing more of this! I’m on track 3 of his Nehruvia mix tape and pretty solid. Download more of Bishop’s work.

Damon Albarn returns with this great track and video for his solo debut release. All these years with Blur, Gorillaz and various projects you would have thought he might have had something out. I’m digging this cut! The utilization of keys and strings are nice!

I’m not sure what’s going on below but the font’s are on point and perfectly spaced. By no means am I promoting this show. If you go, cool. Let me know how it went but the spacing of the letters are on point!

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Big thanks to Nikki Jean for swinging through the basement this past Monday and hanging. Future guest on the podcast? Hmmmmmmm… Maybe? Peep her new video!

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Breakfast at Zelda’s in Venice was cool. Living here 5 years and just got hip to the mini donuts. Super good! If your in the area make sure to stop by and pay them a visit!

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Hurry Curry is no joke! Heavy on the tummy even though. I geeked out on the Chicken and Nan. Pretty cool little spot on Venice Blvd. But this shot pretty sums up the vibe. Not exactly sure how tho’.

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New Nikki Jean! And this video is super awesome! Great concept for a great tune. Hope you dig!  Shout outs to Double O for passing this my way. Fresh off her Pennies In A Jar release, she is back with new material to keep us hungry for the rest. Looking forward to hearing more from the amazing Nikki Jean!