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3 episodes close to being completed for NUVO TV’s The Collective which kicks off March 6!! Im keeping mum on the subjects but I really think you are going to love some of the places I have taken the NUVO cameras.  Did you see Pt 1 of the Behind The Scenes snapshots from Boyle Heights?  We have been on the grind all week and found ourselves doing a special segment on a soul vocalist who I am not at liberty to name but you will love! I have been playing his music on my radio show for a couple years and hanging with him last night was fun. We captured some of the magic for the cameras. Stay close for Pt 3 and Behind the Scene shots of the NUVO crew hard at work at SXSW!

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There is something special in the air around Mariachi Plaza. Last night we shot some scenes for an upcoming episode on The Collective. I brought my Nikon along and walked around the block to get some shots and try to capture that magic.  Big thanks to Cristine and Panda for making the magic happen behind the camera and logistics! No details on what we were filming yet. You have to watch and find out! Series kicks off March 6 on NUVO TV and powered by VEVO! Watch the teaser! Hope you dig.

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If you live in LA odds are you might have heard Yesi Ortiz on the radio holding down the fort mid day on Power 106. Or maybe you heard her cameo on the new Childish Gambino record? Somehow someway I’m sure this woman’s positive energy on the fm dial has affected your day. We hung out last week and got to chop it up in regards to her inspirations and struggles of making it in the radio industry. This is the prime example a person who believes in herself and does what it takes to accomplish those dreams. Hope you dig this week’s chat. Also big up Cecilia The Mamacita for dropping by and just taking this chat to another level! Full of laughs. Oh! we also drop a big hint at something very special in the works that the three of us are a part of! Listen!

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