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Ive been sitting on this one for two days. Did the chops and it felt empty till I threw in the synths. By day two I added the breaks and different parts as well as using samples from different pro tool sessions I am working on. Just finished an EP (Cant say anything about that yet) and working on my new record which is sounding incredible!!) But back to the remix… The original is flawless but I wanted to have it hang on a Venice Beach vibe. Hope you dig! And its a free download! Grab it! Enjoy it!



Not my favorite song on the album but brand spanking new. Played a couple of his tracks of his latest record last week on my radio show. James Blake after midnight is the right fit folks or during a daytime photoshop session! The record is impressive. We will wee if stands the test of time like the Toro Y Moi or Kendrick record. But Im still excited to have something new in my hands from this release.



I heard a radio rip of this cut and was floored at the synth pads.  I have to admit after his debut album I really didn’t know where an artist could go with this sound. I felt that his sound was perfect for one album but could he continue down the path of the “electro somber”?  The answer is yes!  With “Retrograde” getting play on my show and getting a positive response all over the blogs, Digital Lion takes listeners on a sonic adventure that makes me want more.  And to top things off it features Brian Eno! Enjoy “Digital Lion” and get ready for Overgrown, his forthcoming LP due April 8.