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I got the call at the very last minute, totally unprepared with I Phone voice memo in hand and got to chat with turntabilist/record collector/producer Cut Chemist. We rewind a bit back to 1984 where Cut breaks down his history and journey as a dj and record collector. He also drops some hints about to future projects that we should all be on the look out for. Hope you dig this chat as much I had recording it!  And stay updated with his releases and info.


This week’s guest is 3 time Grammy Award winner Wil Dog! I’ve heard about his side project El Gavachillo for a minute now and we discuss his exploration into the Bandas world as well as his journey as a kid growing up in Los Angeles during such a pivotal time for the hip hop generation of b-boying, community activism and the merging of so many cultures that would later become the sound of Ozomatli. We also get to learn about Wil Dog’s appreciation for the next generation of sound and his expirience of working with Srkillex.   One of things I appreciate about Wil Dog is his ability to be candid as an artist who delves into new genres of music and facing the fears that come along with it. This is probably one of my longest episodes but as you can tell Wil Dog is a natural story teller with so much to share. Hope you dig this week’s episode!