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After a little hiatus with travels, life adjustments and raising a dog I finally got back into the podcast realm of things and invited MNDSGN to swing through. His latest release entitled Yawn Zen is out now on Stones Throw and has been getting lots of love on my KCRW show. His ability to create lush sounds and vibes make it that perfect zone out soundtrack during my late night hours. I wanted to get to know his hustle and path towards his current state. We talk about that leap of faith when leaving your 9-5 at Guitar Center, his sibling’s appreciation for TLC, his upcoming gig in LA this Thursday with Teebs as part of the Gaslamp Killer show at The Mayan and his travels to South Africa the following week. Well deserved results after years of bouncing around and getting his footing in place. Hope you enjoy this week’s podcast. You can also check the archives for previous episodes.

It was great to meet the almighty Nikki Jean. She popped up on my radar with the support the¬†Okay player¬†community and then with her feature on Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool. As a music lover and observer, Nikki just appeared every where and since 2007 across the musical spectrum dipping in different genres in the true spirit of “an artist”. This one ran a little long but well worth the listen! Hope you dig! Also as a bonus Nikki throw in an exclusive/sneak peak to a new cut of an Ab Soul cover!

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