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I just got hip to this brother with the camera. I was moved on a 2 minute clip and began doing my research and realized this is not just some ordinary man with a camera but someone who deep down cares and desires change. He is a former graff artist and then became a subject of an HBO special as well as a TED talk which I suggest you watch. Also peep his site!



Kawai is not just a person with a camera in hand, but a hustler who understands the importance of connecting the dots. I have known her for some time and her portfolio speaks for itself. But what most draws me to her work ethos is the drive, the passion and the ability to just enjoy the now. As we hit record and began the podcast I knew this was going to be a great episode as she broke down her journey with a plan a in mind and somewhere along the line she developed an understanding of plan b and blended the two worlds. I hope you dig this week’s chat!

Kawai Matthews work
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