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By now if you follow me on Instagram or have seen one of my dj sets you might get the sense that Drunk In Love is my jam of 2014. Lots of cool remixes floating around the net but this one starts off super cool and kind eh. Monday night KCRW favorite The Weeknd has taken a jab at a cover/remix. It has some magic moments to it that I’m feeling. Take a listen and let me know what you think!


Nick Rosen and I have a project we do under the moniker of LOS GIRLS. We have been working on new material since our last EP on Plug Research. Along the way we knocked out this cool rework of Cola by Toro Y Moi. In between sessions we would layer in drums, cello plucks and anything else that would complement this re work. Hope you dig! You can pick up our EP here. ¬†Also you can preview Anthony Valadez’s new EP which drops Tuesday on I Tunes. Take a listen.¬†

Turntables // Sequencing // Keys : Anthony Valadez
Cello // Strings // Synths : Nick Rosen
Additional : Shaunte Palmer

Ive been sitting on this one for two days. Did the chops and it felt empty till I threw in the synths. By day two I added the breaks and different parts as well as using samples from different pro tool sessions I am working on. Just finished an EP (Cant say anything about that yet) and working on my new record which is sounding incredible!!) But back to the remix… The original is flawless but I wanted to have it hang on a Venice Beach vibe. Hope you dig! And its a free download! Grab it! Enjoy it!