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It’s been an amazing past 3-4 days of exploring the area and sitting poolside on a solo vacation. Tomorrow night I’m rocking the turntables at the JW Marriott/ Renaissance Hotel party¬†¬†which should be lots of fun! It’s also my last day before heading back to LA on Friday to rock Zanzibar. Big thanks to Collin for reccomending Tulum to me. I rented a car and ventured an hour south and found the amazing ruins site. The energy was strong. It’s amazing to view this site before your eyes. Back in my Chicano Studies courses I read about these sites but once you stand there and take it all in you really feel the energy of a proud people who who managed this amazing landscape with hard work. Government and religious ceremonies took place on this land. It was also where trade would take place. I hope you dig these snapshots! OHH!! And my new crack is jet skiing!!!! Shout outs to my homie Pablo and his crew for the unlimited usage on the beach! I love this!!!

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