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Just wrapped up a day in the Bay at The Phoenix Hotel as part of the Mixologi party. I’m still trying to recover from the parties in Vegas and the LA residencies. But things got seriously turnt up today under a gorgeous sky.  A big big big shout out to all the incredible folks who came out and got down to all the dee jays! Good vibes + energy were present through out the day. A big thank you to Aaron Dolores for the hospitality and all the friends who came out that I have not seen in a minute (Whooligan, Wonway Possibul, Seth) and all the new friends I got to meet. Also a big thank you to King Most for being my tour guide through out the day! It was also grew to finally link with many of my listeners of my radio show. If you are in LA then make sure to head out to LA Mixologi jump off in August! Details here!


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Surfing the blogosphere and bumped into the really cool video of graff/tattoo artist Mike Giant. Watching him execute this giant piece on a company wall was inspiring considering the limited amount of tools he had. His utilization of space is really cool as well. I think I watched this clip 4 times in a row. I also enclosed a second clip to get an understanding of his ways. Hope you dig both clips!




Finally got Spinnerty into the basement for a chat about his balance between being a small business owner in San Francisco and also playing records at some of the cool spots around town. I am also a big fan of his production work. He has released several projects on Recordbreakin‘ as well as remixes. I have had the pleasure of working with him on my own projects and Im always inspired when I hear his approach towards the creation process. Check out this week’s chat!

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I am back up in the bay. Thanks to the kind folks behind the Fiesta Frida party at the Women’s Center for bringing me up to play.  Traveling to get there was a bit of a challenge due to cancelled flights into the bay but I made it!  The minute I got to the room I hit the sack. Thanks to King Most for little tour of the pies, pop and the infamous crepe truck! Speaking of King Most, peep the blog tomorrow! New podcast with the SF dj/remixer/rico suave lad up on the blog tomorrow!  Hope you enjoy these snapshots!

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