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“If you don’t believe you are the best, forget it! Don’t Get out of bed!” – Nick

I met Nick while en route to the Airport after dj’ing at the SLS. We talked about dj’s making thousands per gig and somehow the convo crossed the board as to why he continues to paint and drive a taxi at night. It was very inspirational. I hope you enjoy it as much I did hearing it from such a passionate man! This is my first time ever doing a podcast on the road with a random stranger!

Tonight and every Thursday night you can find myself and King Most (SF) holding down the fort at The SLS in Las Vegas. It’s been an adventure as you can probably tell via my instagram but one of the best experiences in 20 plus years as a dj/selector. Friday night I return w/ the SeSSionS crew that mixes live music with one of my favorite bands providing the good vibes. Always cool to play before and after this band. If you are in town, swing through!


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It’s been quite the adventure venturing out to Vegas every week and reworking new sets w/ my partner in crime King Most out of SF. It’s an interesting concept conceived by Jason Scoppa and when we hit, it’s pretty darn magical! We are joined by a drummer each Thursday night at the SLS Sayers Club and its almost jazz like in a sense we basically perform an improv variety of scratches, acapellas, breaks and club cuts that take us to that peak of the night. I’m also holding down the turntables as part of the Sessions party on Friday night as well so if you are ever out this way, swing through, say hi! Get info here!

(All snapshots shot by Stacey Torma)

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Night One of our kick off at our weekly at the SLS Sayers Club in Vegas was quite the adventure. But the energy and madness during our performance was something else!!!! Big thanks to Jason Scoppa + the amazing staff at this unique and special venue! We were in the middle of the madness and I broke out the GOPRO and recorded a little something.  The adventures continue Friday and just about every night! Swing through! Say hello!

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