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Toro Y Moi returns with a well defined record that focuses on synced and crisp drums, buttered up keys, house gem and half time grooves on his new release entitled Anything in Return. The album, which drops January 22nd on Carpark, covers just about every musical genre in the book but with ease and authenticity.  I was impressed with the cover art of the album which includes an interesting illustration of Chazwick Bundick, a pull out of the cd which also serves as the main piece. In an age where digital sales are vital, it’s nice to see Carpark spend good money on visuals that accompany such a musical masterpiece!  I will declare today, 9 January of 2013, this will make my Top 10 Albums of this year! Make sure to cop a copy at your record store and appreciate the lovely artwork!


Peep the single So Many Details below followed by Say That (second single)




Got this in the mail. Slept on it. Saw the video. Fell in love with it. Low Fi maestro Chazwick Bundick aka Toro Y Moi returns with his signature “recorded in the bedroom” masterpiece complete with the 80’s kicks, snares and soulful key drops w/ So Many Details.  10 years ago dudes like this got robbed for lunch money. Now these dudes are running the game! I love it! Toro Y Moi does an awesome job with this video complementing the song.