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Life Force – a 30 min mix.

Paper Tiger – Time Travels
Azymuth – Juntos Mais Uma vez
Ezra Collective – Sao Pablo
Tiago Frugoli Ensemble – Sal Das Ondas
Nu Guinea – A Voce è Napule
Kahlil Cummings -Black Loves Me, Dudu Femi
Shungu – Don’t Really Know
Biome – Conscience
D Bridge -Cornered
L’Orange – Alone (feat Blu)
Nite Moves – Polypel
77 Karat Gold – Memories In the Rain
Intellectual – Overthinking
Jay Jay Johanson – Fever
Nubya Garcia – Source (Maxwell Owin Remix)


Read the review here.

Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, Valadez moved to Venice almost exactly eight years ago. “I moved in the day before Barack Obama got elected,” he recalls, as he takes his dog Smedley for his daily walk. “My first meal here, Obama got elected, and the place was cheering super loud. This is Venice. I like it. Eight years. It flies by.”

Known for his shows on KCRW and Fuse TV, Valadez doesn’t often release his own music. He’s more recognized for interviewing artists about their music than he is for being interviewed about his. But after dealing with the deaths of his mother and grandmother over the past two years, it was time for a release of his own.

“I wanted a proper release with a good label, and I wanted it to sound nice, and good, and cohesive. Kinda like a diary,” Valadez says of his new album, Fade Away, which is out now via Plug Research. “All these things that were happening in my life while I was recording I wanted to put into this cohesive project, and I wanted it to get heard, most importantly. “

As its title implies, Fade Away explores the idea of letting go of different things, people and emotions. “It fades away several things. It’s just how people come and go in our lives,” Valadez explains. “And I think recording, I just had a few people in my family pass away that were monumental to some degree.”

Losing his grandmother last year and his mother two years ago inspired him to make this album. “We were never close, but it was still sad,” says Valadez, who was raised by his grandfather, who passed away in 2001. “That feminine element that puts you in the world is no longer here. When that womb is gone it really makes you look at things differently.”

Recording Fade Away was therapeutic for Valadez, but not in the way he initially intended for it to be. At first, putting all his energy into the music was mainly a distraction. “There were unresolved issues” with his mother and grandmother, he admits. “So maybe to avoid dealing with that, I just kinda worked on music.”

But after a while, it became hard for Valadez to overlook the impact that losing these relatives had on him. The music itself, the instrumentation, reminded him of their influence on his life. He was forced to deal with the very thing he wanted to avoid.

“For some reason, there’s a lot of strings on this album,” he says. “I’ve grown up appreciating strings and I’ve always wanted to make an album that would make me feel a certain way. I’d send a track to people who were performing the strings, and I’m like, ‘I need this song to cry.’”

Valadez’s love of strings started when he was five years old and he heard Diana Ross’ “Theme From Mahogany” for the first time. “There’s a crazy string section in that song. And I’ve always wanted to replicate that because strings move me,” he explains. “And so, when I had access to all these string players, I knew that I wanted to do that on this album. I wanna make people feel the way I did when I was five.”

To make the video for Fade Away track, “Onward Solo Samba” (premiered above), Valadez and his friend Holly Gable took to the streets of L.A. and Long Beach to echo the concept on the album on camera. “The video is about fading away,” Valadez explains. “Fading away into the streets. Fading away into one another or with one another. Fading away across L..A, and finally into the ocean.”

In the end, that’s what Fade Away is about: savoring each passing moment, then releasing it to make room for new moments and experiences. It’s not about death or loss, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be sad or depressing, either. It’s about waking up to take Smedley for a walk as the sun rises and the waves come and go. It’s about letting go of the old you and embracing the new.

“As you grow older you react differently to things, you develop new sides to yourself that you didn’t know existed,” Valadez says. “Where does the old you go? It just fades away.”


It’s amazing how a little LA rain can inspire the collection of few personal favorites as a kid growing up in the 80’s. Hope you dig this mix! Download it here for a limited time.


Force MD’s – Tender Love
Keith Sweat – How Deep Is Your Love?
Bobby Brown – Rock Wit’cha
Guy – Let’s Chill
Janet Jackson – Come Back To Me
Tony! Toni! Tone – It Never Rains In Southern California
El Debarge – I Like It
Bobby Caldwell – My Flame
Jodeci – Come And Talk to Me
Anita Baker – Sweet Love
Chaka Khan – Sweet Thing (Kon Edit)
Al B Sure – Nite and Day
New Edition – Mr. Telephone Man
Gap Band – Yearning For Your Love
Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity
The Boys – Dial My Heart
Michael Jackson – Liberian Girl
Aretha Franklin – I Say A Little Prayer
Maxwell – Lifetime
The Stylistics – You Are Everything
The Delfonics – Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind)
Al Green – Simply Beautiful
Jackson 5 – Never Can Say Goodbye
Zapp – Computer Love
Stevie Wonder – Hey Love
The Temptations – Just My Imagination
Kenny Burke – Rising to The Top (Acoustic Version)
Sly and the Family Stone – Caught Me Smilin’
Prince – If I Was Your Girlfriend
Midnight Star – Curious
George Benson – Turn Your Love Around
Michael Wycoff – Looking Up To You
Syreeta Wright – I Love Every Little Thing About You
Guy – I Like
The O’Jays – Darling Darling Baby
Jodeci – Feenin’

Brooklyn by way of Austin composer/producer swings through and talks about touring with Prince, jazz inspirations and the process behind his current 7′ inch compositions that are a dj’s true secret weapon. His reworkings of Kendrick Lamar’s “Kill My Vibe” and Bruno Mar’s “Uptown Funk” are horns galore with a touch not too many can pull of.

I came across this band at a day time music festival at the Bootleg in LA. I was on the bill and arrived a little early to explore the space. I heard something soulful whole entering one of the rooms and was curious. When I saw these guys and a gal on stage I was instantly in love. It definitely had that Soulqaurian vibe championed by the likes of D’Angelo, Questlove and Badu. I introduced myself after their set and asked for a cd. The very next night I threw it into rotation on my radio show and got positive feedback.  Also surprising was the co/signage from the likes of Tyler The Creator, Jill Scott and receiving a nice remix from Jazzy Jeff and James Poyser. Hope you dig this week’s chat!  Listen to previous episodes here.


I came across this band one day and was instantly drawn to their sound. I found a link to their music and was like “what is this?”. The link contained auto insurance skits, brilliant songs and beats. It was a journey. I could sense this talented duo simply just had a great sense of humor. The minute they stepped into the basement for this chat it was all laughs and it began to make sense. The two met at a wedding and.. well.. Just listen for absolute hilarity.  Hope you dig this week’s chat! I did! Make sure to check out more of their sounds or follow em on twitter.

Click here to listen to more episode of the ANTVALA podcast.

What a night! What a night! Energy was turnt up and folks got down with us for another fam bam Friday night edition of The Goods. Big thanks to KG Superstar for always bringing the healthy juices to balance out the slice of pizza I grabbed en route to Zanzibar. I usually take a walk around the block before hitting the turntables and I could already hear the crowd inside going insane to a pre mix I had made earlier in the day. I walked into to see about 50 people losing their minds and then it was time to take it up a notch.  We hope to see you next week for our final jump off in 2013!  NYE 2014 I’ll be bringing the party to the Cana Rum Bar in DTLA! Shoot me an email for details and hook ups!! Drop me a line for guest list next week!

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Big thanks to Jaz for snapshots!





This week’s guest on the podcast is an artist who has been sending me nonstop heat for the past month or so. I think what instantly grabbed me was his ability to play straight instruments and create these great sonic textures over beats. It was unique and just the right flavor for my radio show. For the past couple of podcasts I had chatted with Grammy winners, movers and shakers but I wanted to shed more light on artists who are grinding to get a foot in the door. GDNA is one of those artists who openly discusses he barriers of being recognized for his work but now it’s paying off. I hope you listening to this chat as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Get familiar with his music on his sound cloud page or twitter.

Listen to more of the ANTVALA podcast here.

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Big session tonight! New Stepkids remix plus a few cool remixes including Karriem Riggins reworking Elvis Costello with The Roots and Usher getting reworked by Durkin! New heat from Joya Mooi, Jay Prince out of the UK, MiloshMelissa Laveaux and much much more! You can also download an hour portion of the show with some of my favorite tracks from the show! Grab it!


Jay Dee – Don’t Stop (Feat. Frank Nitt) Amin Payne Remix)
Julien Dyne – Tonight (Feat. Dalziel)
Blossom – See The Light
Usher – U Don’t Have To Call (Durkin Remix)
Jan Roth – Kleine Freiheit
Ele – Bounce (M3irk House Remix)
Alicia Myers – With Out You (Rio Edit)
Chrisitan Rich – Til Dawn
Snorlax – From The Ghetto (Colta Remix)
A$AP Rocky – Pain (Feat. Overdoz
Zed Bias – Tug


The Stepkids – Bitter Bug (Pyramid Vritra Remix)
Jay Prince – Erykah
Iman Europe – Hold On Were Coming Home (Jarreau Vandal Remix)
John Wizards – Friends
Milosh – Hear In You
Andrew Ashong – Special
Ele – With Out You


Conan Mockassin – I’m the Man You Will Find
Childish Gambino – Pink Toes (Feat. Jhene Aiko)
7 Days Of Funk – I’ll Be There For You


Ernest Saint Laurent – The Moon Is Gone
Sade – Nothing Can Come Become Us (Pomo Edit)
Cherelle – Saturday Love
Toro Y Moi – Harm In Change
Black Sheep – Strobelight Honey
The Jacksons – Everybody


Dornik – Something About You
Melissa Laveaux – Piebwa
Biggie – One More Chance (Soul Beds Edit)
Jazz Spastics – Leader Of The New School
Joya Mooi – Way Of Life
Low Leaf – Rozey Sawrose
Tomas Barfod – Cant Understand (Feat. Jeppe Kjellberg)
Chris Malinchak – If You Got It (Feat. Joe Hertz)
Elvis Costello w/ The Roots – Cinco Minutos Con Vos (Karriem Riggins Remix)


Chico Mann – Harmonia
Black Spade w/ Adrian Dick – Love Show
Lost MIdas – Dance Monkeys (Feat. Nutrik)
Dimlite – On The Same Picture w. Elan Tamara
Illa J  – We Here
Yancey Boys – Rock My World (Insturmental)
Pieces Of A Dream – It’s Time For Love
Yuna – Escape
Grey Reverend – A Heroes life
RJD2 – Got There Sugar?
The Refreshed Orchestra – Ain’t No
Just a Band, Bajah and Chance The Rapper – Gentleman
Lewin Bones Lock – Five Man Army Dub
Dj Soulscape – More Sounds Of Seoul (Korean Rare Grooves from the 70’s)


I first heard his music and I must confess it, it was a little strong on the sexy side of things. Cool in terms of sonic texture but this distinct vocal that kinda kicked in assuring the listener that everything was cool and turn down the lights. But the more I began to listen the more I started to appreciate the sonic textures of all the sounds. And then it all clicked. And then I heard the Miguel cover of “Sure Thing” and then I fell in love!  I appreciate what he is doing with the beats and song writing all merged together into a collage that is so dam unique!

I hope you dig this chat with Melbourne’s Oscar Key Sung. He just did a US Tour and we discuss his experiences of playing new music for a new audience as well as his appreciation for metal music and woman! Enjoy and peep more of his music here.

Kae sent this over my way from Italy via email and I instantly fell in love with this video. After more exploring of her links I began to fall in love with her sounds! Let me know what you think! And Mister Bibal is no stranger! I got to meet him in Paris a few years back as he and his crew took me all over to the cool boutiques and record shops. Great to see him and Myth Sizer hard at work!  But back to Kae’s cool vocals! Go purchase that new project of hers when it drops on November 12th.  She passed it my way so make sure to tune in this Monday to hear some cool tracks on my radio show. You can peep last week’s episode in the mean time! 


Davis Fetter joins me this week for a chat on my podcast. We discuss his obsession with collecting 45’s and conveying his love for music. I first came across his music while opening for him at my Saturday night residency at Sayers and was instantly drawn to his live show. His appreciation for music is evident. Hope you enjoy!  To hear more of my “In Conversation” series, click here.

DSC_0014 DSC_0020

Tonight I am back at Cana Rum Bar in DTLA for another weekly edition of LATIDO. Playing the music I love from around the world. Big thanks to Canyon Cody who has been holding things down for me these past few weeks!  Ive got some new sounds to share. Come lounge and enjoy some of the finest rums on the east side of town. Just mention my name at the door for the hook up!  Cheers!


DSC_0064 DSC_0069 DSC_0072 DSC_0075 DSC_0078 DSC_0080 DSC_0085 DSC_0093 DSC_0090


I met Kissey a few years back while doing some shows in LA as well as joining me for a Dublab session. Her debut release Plethora release caught the attention of lots of djs at the station and somehow a friendship began to develop. It was nice to reunite and talk about her interesting journey as a young Swedish vocalist who transitioned into a NYC beatmaker dabbling into dance music. Hope you dig this one! 

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Last night felt good! It was a crazy weekend and to just be able to hit the basement alone, dim the lights and play the music that I love felt good. Some serious healing for my soul and hopefully yours. New music from Tiny Hearts, Pusha T, Foreign Exchange, Elvis Costello w/ The Roots, The Foreign Exchange, Nosaj Thing, The Robert Glasper Experiment plus some Patti Smith, Los Pecos and Donell Jones in the mix .  I appreciate your ears and us keeping each other company every Monday night!  Hope you dig this!


Tiny Hearts – Centerfold (Last week’s guest on the podcast!)
Ladi6 – People Talking
Nightmares On Wax – Master Plan
Pusha T – Nostalgia (Feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Mura Masa – Hustle Blood
Toro Y Moi – So Many Details (Maths Time Joy Remix)
Preservation – Summer Love


JonWayne – The Ritz
Elvis Costello w/ The Roots – Cinco Minutos Con Vos
The Internet – Sunset (Feat. Yuna)
Def Sound – (A)gain (This week’s guest on my podcast)


Majid Jordan – Hold Tight
Marvells – Rock Steady (This Is Tomorrow Remix)
Los Pecos – Cumbia Para Un Viejito
Ganz – Buggaboo (Ganz Edit)
Banks – Warm Water (Snakeships Remix)
Me Succeeds – That’s Why I Cast A Shadow


The Foreign Exchange – The Moment
Nosaj Thing – Try (Kyle Hall Remix)
Augustas “Gussie” Park – No, No, No
Chance The Rapper-  Everything’s Good
S O H N – Lessons
Body Language – Carillon

The Pilots – Don’t Hurt Yourself
Gregory Porter – Time Is Ticking
Donell Jones – Where I Want To Be
Sango – Middle Of Things (Feat. SPZRKT) (Previous guest on the podcast)
A Race Of Angels – Just Begin
John Coltrane – In A Sentimental Mood (Happy Birthday Trane!)


Chet Faker – Melt
Computer Jay – Hardships (Feat. Orfeo)
Hayden James – No Time
Sola Rosa – Misunderstood (Feat. Miles Bonny)
Suz – Distant Skies


Robert Glasper Experiment – I Stand Alone (Feat. Common)
Camile Safiya – Midnight Murda
Metropolitan Jazz Affair – Yunowhatthisislifeez (Motor City Mix)


Various Artists – Sorrow Tears and Blood (Red Hot Fela)
Bosq – Paciencia De Jo (Feat. TIta Lima)
Moonchild – Throwback
Deltron 3030 – The Return


Patti Smith – Trampin
The Seshen – Oblivion
Kwes – 36
Disclosure – Second Chance
Spacek – Time
Dj Cam – Success (Kenny Dope Remix)

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Seriously! What is in the water in the land below? Electric Wire Hustle! Fat Freddy’s Drop! Hiatus Kaiyote! I just came across this gem from LADI6. Taken from her forthcoming album! Looking forward to hearing the rest.


These cuts sound a bit dated compared to his new work. When I say “dated” I don’t mean that in a sour way, but rather more mellow nu disco where as his latest release is a silky sexy mix of 80’s synth soul as if Al B Sure worked on track, put it away and it now just saw the day of light. Phil Gerus hails from Moscow. Fusing mellow beats over low fi drum and synths that are straight out of the opening credits of an 80’s flick.  Vocals sound like samples but man this is some heat!  Unfortunately I cant find any new videos but this is a great intro into his sound.  You can check out more of his sounds here.
You can also hear him on this past Monday’s KCRW show.  Take a listen.


Our final fam bam affair of 2012!! The Goods is your official warm up NYE party! Can’t wait to jump on the decks and break in some old records that have collected some dust mixed with some new ones! Might even break out a Punjabi set! Man I just dont know! Bring your finest threads too! Ill be bringing my Nikon with me. Make sure to get your free hug as well from KG Superstar!  Hope to see you tonight LA! Get on the list!!

Guest list –

DSC_0024DSC_0021DSC_0089DSC_0047DSC_0043DSC_0033DSC_0015 thegoods-yomtv2