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Some of you know might know him as Ease One. Some of you might know of him by his government name and some of you might know him from his work which is just about every where I turn. Saw his work a few months back in LA and in the MOCA store.  This brother really captures what surrounds him and celebrates his appreciation of NY through his art.  Walrus TV did an incredible piece on Jose. Hope you dig!

David Choe has been on my radar for some time. Known for his street art and Vice videos, Choe demonstrates a brash attitude for life that I think we all wish we had inside us (or at least a small percentage of). Born to Korean parents, Choe has traveled the world doing his art, been featured in a dvd entitled “Dirty Hands” which I highly suggest you pick up and had his art featured in countless publications including Giant Robot.

I must say Futura has been one of my hugest inspirations in the visual arts. His distinctive fonts justify my sloppy left handed writing. His art has manifested itself into toy figures, skateboard designs and even city walls during the hey day of Graffiti Art in NYC. Another element that I love about this video is how its put together by Futura’s son, 13th Witness.  Hope you dig.