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A second podcast in week but with multiple brilliant minds covering ground on such topics as TIDAL, police brutality, Waco, Tech apps and silent meditation. I could not think of a better panel to discuss all these great topics with a sprinkle of humor that maybe 2% of you might get! But join in! Listen!

Shout outs to Novena Carmel, Zack Sekoff and Def Sound for joining me!

This is something special! Technology is changing super fast. So fast that It’s a bit hard to stay with the times. Being a stubborn Aries I like to stick what works and what I master but this Google Glass just shook up the game. I just might have to change my old ways! ┬áThis video demonstrates how the young, music generation can benefit with the product. Young Guru is a fine ambassador for the brand and displays the many usages of the Google Glass. Let me know what you think!