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Here is my episode with Colombia’s Bomba Estero. Last time I saw BOMBA was at the Red Bull jump off to help celebrate their latest release entitled Amanecer. We discuss the creative process as well as what it’s like to get a random call from Will Smith who want’s to hop on the remix after a long hiatus from music.

Mood Swings airs every Tuesday evening at 11 pm[EST]/8pm[PST]. It’s a really dope show on Dash Radio. Tune in tonight as I welcome Snakehips!


I kept it on the downlow out of fear this would not happen. 16 creatives, 1 day and a couple of microphones inside the Red Bull Studios in NYC! Artists from the musical landscape and also from the visual were selected to discuss their various creative paths.  And to see some of these artists engage with one another in the lobby was also awesome. I had to break out the GOPRO and camera and document a lot of this magic in one day.

This Monday I will be releasing these sessions on the blog! Possibly one every week or even 3! Trust me when I say there are some amazing and personal stories that left me inspired after we stopped recording.  Stay posted and stay close! And in the mean time take a listen to previous episodes of my podcast! Big thanks to Ryan Woodhall for the engineering, Jon Oliver for production assistance and Shelley, Hannah and Marcel for helping this come into fruition!

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Traveling across the US this year and engaging with listeners of the weekly radio show has really taught me about the power of radio. I always mention that being on at midnight makes you wonder who is listening. But talking to folks and hearing that it kicks off their week on a positive note makes it all worth it. I have heard testimonials that have choked me up. I look forward every Monday night coming into the basement with a record bag full of music I love and connecting with listeners.  Hope you might join me tonight at Midnight at 89.9 FM and worldwide at! Become a part of the family! Tune in!



It’s the last party of the year and end of Summer jump off! We celebrate the Moon Festival with our good folks in Chinatown!  Joining me will be Dj Puffs and hosting is none of other than KG Superstar! This is one of my favorite parties of the year complete under the LA neon sky.  The flyer pretty much says it all so come out and bring your cameras!  I took these shots during Summer Nights and these last year!  Hope to see you this Saturday LA!

Anthony Valadez (Start-8:15 pm)
Dj Puffs (8:15-12am)


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Can’t believe Summer is just about a wrap! But have no feat! Summer vibes are still in effect with yours truly all night on the turntables at The Goods at Zanzibar and KG Superstar party rocking on the mic.  Come get your weekly dose of positive energy and love with us! Drop me a line for guest list love, I’ll reply and you are good to go!

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It’s the end of Valachella. Where everyone that did not make it out to Indio ends up at the weekend residencies.  LATIDO at Cana Rum Bar is always a great way to kick off the weekend. Chill with the Salsero’s doing their thing. Friday was nice at The Goods at Zanzibar. Not like our usual “rah rah” vibes but nice to switch up the pace of things.  The wrap up at Sayers was the climax. Panties exposed, folks falling to the deck, ladies dancing on couche. Typical Saturday night and most importantly saw lots of fam in the building. Hope to see you next weekend!  Get some rest!

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