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Omar’s been on my radar. He’s a funny and super tall dude. I figure since he just dropped his new video for Erase, I’d show him some well deserved love. As of 40 minutes ago this new video for Kickback just premiered. And in the usual Omar Apollo humor we see him having a good time with a cheeky ending. Omar can do no wrong with his song delivery and fun time video capture.


Blu DeTiger

Every week I get a new batch of music and search hardcore for new music. Not sure how I came across this one from Blu DeTiger but I’m a huge fan of what happens around the 2 minute mark of this song, the horn hits and the chill vibe of this gem. Shout outs to this 20 year old creative out of NYC!



Homeboy Sandman is no over night success. Ive been long excited about the work of Homebody Sandman. I’ve seen him several times at SXSW live and am always blown away. I’m also a fan of his choice of beats to rhyme over. Far Out is my current fave from this NYC emcee. Dusty is out now. Grab it.



Again, not sure how I came across Berhana but Pomo on the beat makes this feel so familiar. Based out of ATL, Berhana collaborates with South Korea R&B vocalist Crush on this beautiful cut.



This 4 on the floor gets me moving every time. And this video is super mesmerizing. Listen to more of his work here.




Played this new J Cole cut on my show last week and fell in love with it. Then I saw the video and bam! On repeat. I’m not the biggest J Cole fan but he really does surprise me with his delivery every time when you bypass the singles. Side note – Is it just me or does he channel Kendrick in the “I” vid?

Traveling across the US this year and engaging with listeners of the weekly radio show has really taught me about the power of radio. I always mention that being on at midnight makes you wonder who is listening. But talking to folks and hearing that it kicks off their week on a positive note makes it all worth it. I have heard testimonials that have choked me up. I look forward every Monday night coming into the basement with a record bag full of music I love and connecting with listeners.  Hope you might join me tonight at Midnight at 89.9 FM and worldwide at! Become a part of the family! Tune in!



Monday night KCRW favorites Sly5thAve and Denitia strike gold with this track. Horns, keys, chill vocals and jazz drum patterns all blend for this track of the day! I need this track in my life every day just in case soundcloud crashes or goes bankrupt! Forthcoming full length entitled Akuma is on the way with a drop on Feb 11th.

Easily my favorite track on his debut Good Kid M.AA.D City. I use to play this track nonstop on my radio show. Then listening to him on a panel with Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson at SXSW really allowed me to gain more respect for him. But back to this track! The guitar licks and those rim shots fit perfect with K’s vocals which layer just right over this vibey track. Great to see a promo clip for this track long after the release which made my number one slot of Best Albums of 2012!


Looking forward to hearing this dude on LA radio. In the spirit of Pun and Joe we have Bodega Bamz who flaunts his gold and bling in addition to his spiritual beliefs. Bodega brings the spirit of the 90’s packaged with 2013 808’s and snares. the vocal flip on this cut is nuts!  His hunger is evident and peep his interviews. He is open about his not being into drug dealing and cracks a realness that is found in very little rappers these days.  His flow’s and cadences are on point filled with rawness. Looking forward to hearing more from Boedega!


New Nikki Jean! And this video is super awesome! Great concept for a great tune. Hope you dig!  Shout outs to Double O for passing this my way. Fresh off her Pennies In A Jar release, she is back with new material to keep us hungry for the rest. Looking forward to hearing more from the amazing Nikki Jean! 


Sometimes I just dont get Tyler the Creator and Odd Future. But every time I try to write off Tyler he some how comes back with a formula that earns kudos points with me EVERY DAM TIME!  His twitter feud with Will I Am is pretty fun to watch and again, Tyler scores more cool points with me.  But it’s this video that showcases his directing talents  with “Glowing”.  Word is his manager Chris Clancy played the song for him on a plane and Tyler was drawn to the song and decided to shoot a video for it.  But wait! How incredible is this song?! How incredible are the lyrics? Piano? The artist of the actual song is unknown which makes me scratch me head although I think its fair to see he has a forthcoming album on Capital.

The song has been out and floating on the net but finally a video which features the two rolling around in a drop top. Chance is really shaking up 2013 with his ACID RAP mix tape, feature on the new Red Hot Fela feature and appearances on HOT97.  This time around we see him with electro soul crooner James Blake for an interesting blend of two separate worlds that work perfectly.

LMNO strikes again w/ production assistance from Evidence. Ive always loved LMNO’s flow. I remember being in college and having his albums in rotation. Perfect theme music for a clueless freshman seeking some kind of wisdom in the form of boom bap. Evidence never ceases to amaze me with his production work.  And this video!?!?! Super nice and creative.

New! Liam Bailey returns with this great feature on the Shy FX album. I have been waiting for anything from Liam Bailey since his collaborations with Truth And Soul but this will do! Occasionally Liam will send me some demos and rough versions of tunes which sound killer! We need more Liam in our lives!  Can’t wait for this to drop!

This gem is loaded with quotables. Each word delivered with passion. And Cannon on the beat!?!?! WHoooop!  I dropped this this heater on my Rap mix a few months back showcasing some of my favorite emcee’s at the moment.  My Name Is My Name drops June 16th!

“How can you relate when you ain’t never been great?”
“88 Jordan leapin’ from the free throw”
“36 Years of doing dirt like it’s Earth Day”


Not my favorite song on the album but brand spanking new. Played a couple of his tracks of his latest record last week on my radio show. James Blake after midnight is the right fit folks or during a daytime photoshop session! The record is impressive. We will wee if stands the test of time like the Toro Y Moi or Kendrick record. But Im still excited to have something new in my hands from this release.


Toro Y Moi returns with a well defined record that focuses on synced and crisp drums, buttered up keys, house gem and half time grooves on his new release entitled Anything in Return. The album, which drops January 22nd on Carpark, covers just about every musical genre in the book but with ease and authenticity.  I was impressed with the cover art of the album which includes an interesting illustration of Chazwick Bundick, a pull out of the cd which also serves as the main piece. In an age where digital sales are vital, it’s nice to see Carpark spend good money on visuals that accompany such a musical masterpiece!  I will declare today, 9 January of 2013, this will make my Top 10 Albums of this year! Make sure to cop a copy at your record store and appreciate the lovely artwork!


Peep the single So Many Details below followed by Say That (second single)




BBC Radio’sBenji B and his string ensemble! Heat from the legendary Maida Vale Studios in the UK covering gems from Dwele, Fly Lo, TNGHT, Wiley, Raphael Saadiq and many others!  This could be the new form of a mixtape!  Watch! Listen! Enjoy!


Dwele – A.N.G.E.L
Flying Lotus – Do The Astral Plane
Ossie – Love Crazy
Bok Bok – Silo Pass
Wiley – Highs n Lows
S-X – Bricks
Timberland – Ayo Technology (Instrumental)
TNGHT – Higher Ground
Kanye West – Clique
Drake – Headlines
Jeremih – All The Time
Raphael Saadiq – Skyy Can You Feel Me


This is possibly one of the coolest conceptual ideas I have ever seen for a musical icon. The folks at RSWX did a masterful job for this 1 hour masterpiece chronicling the many phases of David Bowie’s career. I had the honor in 2010 to do an official remix for David Bowie’s Gold Years as part of the re-issue of Station To Station (see below for a listen).  But these guys did an amazing justice to Mr. Bowie. Enjoy!

Valadez X Bowie

Got this in the mail. Slept on it. Saw the video. Fell in love with it. Low Fi maestro Chazwick Bundick aka Toro Y Moi returns with his signature “recorded in the bedroom” masterpiece complete with the 80’s kicks, snares and soulful key drops w/ So Many Details.  10 years ago dudes like this got robbed for lunch money. Now these dudes are running the game! I love it! Toro Y Moi does an awesome job with this video complementing the song.