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First jump off of the New Year at THE GOODS at Zanzibar! We got things moving a little early with such a great crowd. As usual yours truly going into full beast mode at 10 pm all the way till lights are up. It was nice to see some of my Saturday night crowd over on the west side! Big love to all who came out. Next week I have some guests swinging through! Hope to see you next Friday night! Drop me a line for guest list!

List :


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Not sure if it’s the shirt in temperature but folks are coming out and letting out lots of energy these past few weeks at THE GOODS with yours truly on the turntables and KG Superstar on the mic. We hope to see you tonight and let lose with us!  Drop me a line for guest list love and you will be good to go! It’s probably one of the most easiest things to do in life. Hope to see you!


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Tonight! We celebrate Friday! We kick things off at Zanzibar on the west side with yours truly on the turntables and KG Superstar on the mic. LA’s best dance party invites you to tune out all the negativity and strap on your dancing shoes and get down with us!  Drop me a line for guest list love and I’ll confirm! Hope to see you tonight!

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Our final fam bam affair of 2012!! The Goods is your official warm up NYE party! Can’t wait to jump on the decks and break in some old records that have collected some dust mixed with some new ones! Might even break out a Punjabi set! Man I just dont know! Bring your finest threads too! Ill be bringing my Nikon with me. Make sure to get your free hug as well from KG Superstar!  Hope to see you tonight LA! Get on the list!!

Guest list –

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